Asian Food Ingredients

AFI embraces the Corporate’s 5 Business Ethic Pillars “Enterprising, Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Responsibility”, with the strive to position our customers and suppliers at the top priority.

AFI business model encompasses the needs of its stakeholders, adding on values to more than just products. We believe on an uphold relationship with everyone affiliating to us, proposing genuine trust and concerns. We are established to be a reliable palm trading company in Malaysia with a strong stance in the palm oil industry.

With palm oil being the one of the major consumptions worldwide, we pride ourselves to be part of the value chain by supplying an extensive series of products, and this includes Edible Oil, Non-Edible Oil, Oleochemicals, Animal Feeds, and Cocoa. We cater to the various needs of different industries both locally and overseas. Keeping all that in mind, we have an assortment of packaging to suit the diverse requirements, such as pet bottles, cartons, kraft bags, jerrycans, steel drums, HDPE drums, and flexibag.

We ensured high quality products are acquired and are distributed out to the prospect of the palm oil industry and other industries that are intact without compromising the quality of service.